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Food Trends in 2017

Food Trends Bradley Brand

With the rise and rise of new flavours from different sources available in Ireland, we are definitively in the middle of a food revolution. Keen to find new flavours and ingredients, there is a surge in new food business in Ireland. But what are the key food trends that we see coming out at the minute? 

See what’s trending in food trends below.

1.Gluten Free has been hijacked. Can it survive?

Who would’ve guessed the world had some many coeliacs? If you were to take the demand for Gluten Free products literally, many of us would be coeliacs in the morning-Gluten Free has become the poster boy for a healthy recipe but the truth be told, the majority of us need gluten in order to have a balanced diet. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of baked… in your diet.

We now need a different message to bring us back from the extreme to celebrate breads, and other baked products, that are healthy and very much part of a balance diet. How about ‘no-nonsense’ or ‘nonsense free’ foods?


2.Rise of the Everyday Foodie

Majority of all those in the mid-twenties considers themselves a ‘foodie’!

The rise of the ‘everyday foodie’ offers a potentially lucrative market to restauranteurs and food retailers alike, but requires them to match the foodie’s enthusiasm for adventure, experimentation and exclusive dishes. The rise of ‘foodie-ism’ has arguably contributed towards a ‘tribal’ approach to eating, where certain consumers are particular about the provenance and production of food, while others are focused on picking out the novel.

The rise of the foodie-ism as a leisure pursuit in itself is also helping to change our eating-out habits, with the foodie’s appetite for the new and novel supporting the growth street food stalls, markets and pop-ups. In addition, companies like Deliveroo are also giving these foodies a new sense of convenience by delivering them their favourite restaurant meals straight to their door-traditional take-aways need to up their game in order to provide quality and value to this discerning customer.

Dublin is a hive of activity when it comes to the growing street food scene, with Dubliners amongst those most likely to consider themselves a foodie. Camden Street is fast becoming the foodies go to eat, particularly with the seasonal Eat Yard, which celebrates street food, its producers, and their knowledge so well. Or your local Irish Village Market, ours in Sandyford, caters for all ethnic tastes and made presentable in bite size portions. Go on, try something new!


3. New Beef cuts

Move over filet, rib eye and sirloin and make way for some newer cuts, and more affordable to, such as shoulder tender, oyster steak, brisket and flat iron. As every retailer and restaurant is chasing the popular cuts, beef prices go up. But seek out the less known cuts, ideal for slow cooking or braising, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Next time, try roasting your steak! Braise on a hot pan for 30sec each side, the roast in over for 20min at 150degrees for medium rare. You will be amazed how tender the steak will be.


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