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Your brand is our business

We get to know you first, only then can we offer the right solutions

About Us: Bradley Brand start by understanding what your brand stands for across your target audience today. We then develop a robust brand strategy which brings deep strategic thinking and customer insight to bear as we define the future of your brand.
Next, we review how your brand communicates with customers. Our work here covers name generation, writing your story, brand identity, graphic design, package design, website design, retail design, social media and advertising.
Finally, we review how your brand communicates internally with your colleagues. We host ‘Get to know your brand’ workshops and produce guidelines to ensure everybody understands what the brand stands for and how it is managed.
We are not in the business of reinventing wheels or throwing the baby out with the bath water. We seek to ensure that your brand is at all times relevant to your customer base and inspiring to people who meet your brand for the first time.



We build brands
We build brands
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