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How a Brand Retrofit Doubled Sales

Rebranding for growth during a period of uncertainty

As the downturn in the construction sector continued in 2012, our client Merrion Retrofit identified that they needed a big idea to connect with potential customers considering a home renovation project. While Merrion’s home retrofit business model had been proven, there was now little demand and they wanted to stimulate interest again.

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5 minutes on 2017 Retail Trends

At the start of a new year we are always interested to see what are the trends that are going to change the way we shop. Particularly important for SMEs and independent retailers, the trends for physical retail outlets can often give them another selling point over online shopping, which seems in many ways more advanced in its offer to customers.

We’ve had a look at what’s happening outside of Ireland and seen in what way new ideas can help to change the retail environment for our SME clients, encouraging an increase in footfall and inviting a new demographic of customers into your store.

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Food Trends in 2017

With the rise and rise of new flavours from different sources available in Ireland, we are definitively in the middle of a food revolution. Keen to find new flavours and ingredients, there is a surge in new food business in Ireland. But what are the key food trends that we see coming out at the minute? 

See what’s trending in food trends below.

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Brioche Wall Murals

We recently spotted these great wall murals from Brioche in Ranelagh-the perfect way to bring your brand to life. The Brioche wall murals can be seen in Rathmines and Portobello, with customers being encouraged to visit each one for a chance to win a competition. One of the best ways we’ve seen this year to keeping your brand in your customer’s mind.

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Father’s Day Brands

Father’s Day falls this Sunday. The day when all dads, granddads and stepdads get the lime light thrusted upon them. For brands this is a perfect opportunity for them to make a real emotional connection with the consumer through their communications. Whether that means launching a new product for the perfect gift for your dad or just reminding you that their still there.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are becoming more and more like Christmas when it comes to brands pulling at emotional shoe strings. Now more and more brands are pushing real life stories about relationships between father and child with the brand just being a facilitator for the relationship or a back note in the ad.

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Famous Brand Taglines

With so many brands being seen by consumers on a daily basis, we often get asked how can a brand ensure stand out in a crowded market, while making sure that the customer understands our product or service offering? Often, we rely on taglines or slogans to explain with further detail the benefits of a brand, so that the consumer has a good understanding of what the brand does from the offset. Many taglines are now synonymous with the brand-for example McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it’ or Nike’s ‘Just Do It.’ 

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