Bradley Brand & Design The Scarlet Heifer | Bradley Brand: Dublin, Ireland

The Scarlet Heifer



O’Coileain’s Butchers presented as a traditional butcher shop, with four outlets around Dublin, offering a great selection of top quality meat from the family farm in Meath, as well as surrounding farms in Westmeath. As 3rd generation farmers, the Collins Family understood how to produce great beef. But the butcher shop brand and store design did not deliver this message. Bradley Brand was asked to review the brand to provide a stronger point of difference.


Our recommendation was to radically overhaul the brand and present a bold brand celebrating beef. Hence, the Scarlet Heifer was born and today stands for excellence in beef. Our vision for the brand is that someday consumers will be able to order Scarlet Heifer beef in Dublin’s best restaurants. This is already a reality in Beeftro Steak Bistro (Dundrum and City Centre).

The shops all received a make-over focusing on graphics and painting, leaving the serve-over counters and fridges in place. Turnover in the shops is up 20% since the rebrand and margins are improving in a very tough retail environment. The Scarlet Heifer is on the way to becoming a premium beef brand.