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Transform Your
Business Online

Enterprise Ireland’s Online Retail Scheme 2021

With a maximum EI grant of €40,000 available to your business, Bradley can complete your digital transformation from start to finish. With our 100% success rate to date, we also offer new clients our full support in completing your application form, free of charge!

Transform Your Business Online
Enterprise Ireland

What is the Online Retail Scheme?

The purpose of the fund is to enable Irish retail businesses to step change their digital capability, to develop a more competitive online offering, and to evolve their business model to build a more resilient business in the domestic and global marketplace, both online and offline.

Successful applicants will be awarded funding to support a maximum of 80% of the project eligible costs with a maximum grant of €40,000.

Bradley offers ALL elements involved in transforming your online presence and e-commerce, including; market research, brand strategy, brand identity and design, website development, digital marketing, content creation, implementation and training.

Bradley is an EI-approved consultancy & agency for the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme, so we can help you cut through all the red tape to get you started promptly.

Services What You Get
Grant Preparation A senior member of our team will assist you throughout the application process.
Research, Strategy & Consultation Remove any uncertainty & second-guesses from your execution & make informed decisions toward your branding & marketing instead.
Digital Branding & Website Development Ensures a functional website that is accessible globally on all search engines. Digital branding & marketing efforts increase awareness of the brand, drives traffic to the website, encouraging greater conversations.
Start your EI Grant application here, today
Start your EI Grant application here, today
Start your EI Grant application here, today

Start your EI Grant application here, today

The next application round will be in March 2021 and will be very competitive.

To be successful, we suggest you contact us in advance to assess your eligibility for the grant, prepare your application form, or request a quote to build your digital business plan.

Begin the journey to transform your business online today, by emailing us, or by submitting our callback form.

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    To find out more about the Online Retail Scheme,
    and if you are eligible, visit Enterprise Ireland’s webpage here.