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Is Your Brand Anchored?

To compete in any economic climate, brands must anchor their marketing efforts around a clear brand positioning. It’s tempting to be overly tactical with your ‘Covid-19 era’ messages, but that could mean your brand has unintentionally drifted off course. Now’s the time to re-anchor your brand.

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Together for Design

Today, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs publishes Together for Design: Digital, Product and Strategic Design Skills of the Future. The Expert Group Steering Group was chaired by Andrew Bradley, Managing Director of Bradley Brand.

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Bradley Brand agrees 3 year pro bono partnership with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

We have long admired Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and the work they do, so we are delighted to announce our three-year pro bono partnership with them.

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What exactly is Brand Leadership?

Brand leadership is about seeing flying machines in a stack of paperclips. Brand leaders come in all shapes and sizes too, as it’s not necessarily the market share leader that is the brand leader.

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United, Together

The first wave of the coronavirus storm has hit us all hard. These are deeply troubling times. Businesses all over the country are uneasy, concerned for their people and worried for their futures. To beat this quickly we must be united, together (whilst keeping a safe distance apart).

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Why we’re a WhyDesign 2020 Sponsor

Discover why Bradley Brand and Design are a Studio Sponsor of the Why Design? event on 4th March.

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Design Leaders Conference

On November 7th, 2019 the Design Leaders Conference will be taking place once again. This event focuses on developing the leadership skills of Irish designers by bringing together thought leaders to lead business focused conversations.

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Famous Brand Taglines

With so many brands being seen by consumers on a daily basis, we often get asked how can a brand ensure stand out in a crowded market, while making sure that the customer understands our product or service offering?

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Design Thinking for Your Business

We are regularly faced with many clients that have issues that they don’t seem to be able to fix, such as people not understanding how to use their product correctly

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Building Your Brand

In order to successfully build you brand, you need to start by figuring out certain important elements of your brand.

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Merchandising Tips that Increase Sales

Your window display has the potential to attract customers into the store and research shows that good displays can increase brand sales in excess of 540%.

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