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Building Your Brand

November 12th, 2019

In order to successfully build your brand, you need to start by figuring out certain important elements of your brand. The first thing you need to do is to start thinking of is the personality of your brand and what it stands for. Do you know exactly it stands for and are you able to articulate this in one sentence? If not, read on to discover some of the best ways of building your brand to be successful and engaging.


1. Know your brand’s personality

Similar to people, your brand should have its own personality that is easily identifiable to its users. This personality dictates the way that the brand communicates, approaches different opportunities and even can give some direction in product growth and development. Some famous examples of brand personalities would be the friendly, cheeky, happy go lucky personality of Innocent smoothies, or the safe, reliable and slightly serious personality of Volvo.

Begin yourself by trying to tease out the personality of your brand using different adjectives eg friendly, passive, knowledgeable, etc.


2. Ask your colleagues about your brand personality

Start to ask your colleagues and anyone who might work with you what they think your brand stands for and see if it is aligned with what you thought. If it isn’t sit down and have a further discussion as to the reasons behind what you choose, making sure that all answers are backed up with explanations and examples. It’s always amazing how two different people working for the same brand can see it in two different ways!


3. Ask your customers

Ultimately, your customer’s need to understand the brand’s personality and their perception of your brand is what you’re constantly trying to develop. Ask your customers if they agree with the different personality attributes that you have given your brand and listen to them if they don’t agree, their opinions matter!


4. Write it down

Finally, having gathered as much information as possible, reassess your original list and see if it is has changed at all. Then write it down and keep it somewhere where it is seen by everyone. If any new staff members are recruited be sure to show them the brand personality and explain that it is with these personality attributes that you approach every touchpoint with the customer. Having a strong brand personality means that no matter who the customer is in contact with, they should get a feeling of consistency of your brand, the ultimate in a strong brand experience.