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From First Pitch to the Judge’s Chair – Eoin Sheehan at Lion’s Den 2022

December 19th, 2022

Andrew is joined by Eoin Sheehan at Lion’s Den 2022. Eoin is the founder and managing director of Country Munch Ltd., and resident chef on the Six O’Clock Show. They chat about his journey from being a budding entrepreneur making pitches, to now being a judge at Lion’s Den 2022.



Eoin Sheehan had a unique experience at Lion’s Den 2022 as his first time in the judge’s chair.

Chatting some more about the types of businesses that pitched at this year’s Lion’s Den, Eoin highlights how each business is occupying a new space within the market. These novel businesses have excitingly started to stake their place in the food and beverage industry. 


Eoin felt a sense of empathy for those pitching, having spent much of his early years in business pitching.


Watch the full video to hear more of his thoughts. They chat about how the support networks for young up and coming businesses are changing the start up space in Ireland


Check out for more on Eoin, and catch him on the Six O’Clock Show on Virgin Media


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