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The Power of the Co-Founder Duo – Jacquie Marsh at Lion’s Den 2022

December 21st, 2022

We caught up with Jacquie Marsh at Lion’s Den 2022. You may know Jacquie as CEO of Butler’s Pantry, and Lead Advisor with Bord Bia Food Works. 

 It was an absolute pleasure to have Jacquie Marsh return as a judge at Lion’s Den again at the Food, Retail & Hospitality Expo. Jacquie has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience under her belt.



Having worked in the Food and Beverage industry for many years, Jacquie offers some keen insight into the Food & Beverage Start-Up landscape and how it has evolved. Impressed by the entrants, Jacquie sings the praises not only of the Lion’s Den contestants, but of many start-ups in recent times.

Jacquie reiterates the benefits and the power behind a start-up that has two founders. Nodding to some of the contestants this year, Jacquie and Andrew discuss the importance of the support a co-founder offers. Recognising the difficulty and hardship of being a start-ups, especially so in the food industry, they echo the impact of a co-founder duo.

The Start-up Landscape is changing

That’s not all, but Jacquie and Andrew discuss the bravery of those in start-ups today. Taking on a start-up in recessionary times is to be applauded. Both having been in this industry for some time, they chat about the differences in approach of entrepreneurs today. The route to market has changed, and it’s clear that entrepreneurs are bullish for success. 

Watch the full interview to hear some more of their thoughts on it all. 

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