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Andrew Bradley on The Joy of Design

January 27th, 2023

A Note from Andrew Bradley on The Joy of Design – as inspired by the Design Leaders Conference 2023


As designers – and design leaders – we have the opportunity, and indeed the responsibility, to impact the world for good. We have the power, and crucially, the vision and the skills to work with others to create a better and joyful future.


“Designers by-in-large are poor at celebrating their work and the joy it brings others.”


Now in its fifth year, this year’s Design Leaders Conference reflected how designers can work together to bring more joy to the world in which we each live.

Designers by-in-large are poor at celebrating their work and the joy it brings others. We are always looking forward to what’s new. Always moving on to the next client brief. Moving at a fast pace leaves little time for reflection. But Wendy Bollard, a Mindset Coach, encourages us to define the moment we feel joy in our own individual design process and share this with our colleagues. Feeling better about ourselves will bring more joy to our lives. Joy must start in the studio before you are ready to share it.


“A career in design is not for the faint hearted”


We sometimes take for granted the joy we deliver to our clients, the anticipation and excitement they feel for a new product or service. By taking time to share in our client’s joy we sow the seeds for lasting relationships and the trust needed to explore the next challenge together.

With the design process being so introspective, identifying moments of joy along the way can carry you through the lows, the moments of doubt and obstacles faced on the journey to birthing a new product or service. A career in design is not for the faint hearted, as we face rejection more often than we gain acceptance. The joy in having your idea adopted by the team needs to be recognised.

At Bradley: The Brand Agency,  joy is often realised by going above and beyond the client brief and delivering solutions which not only fulfil the client brief but actually benefit the business as a whole. With many of our clients as owners managers, we know they are focused on the wellbeing of the business first. Our 30 years of experience has given us a unique commercial lens we gain joy from sharing.

What ever your joy is, find your moment and protect it.

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Andrew Bradley

Founder & Managing Director, Bradley: The Brand Agency