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We ensure your
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the sum of its parts

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy:

Before we start any creative or digital brief we discuss with our clients to ensure the building blocks for a strong brand are in place first.

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Your brand purpose must demonstrate a clear ‘reason for being’ that resonates with your target audience. It must be consistent with your company values and that of your target audience. If not, then your brand quickly becomes irrelevant to them.



A clear market position ensures that your brand purpose and business opportunities are addressed. Our panel of experts can determine if you have a clear brand positioning, that ensures your brand building activities are focused where they need to be.

Market Understanding

Market Knowledge

Sometimes we see things you don’t! Having an object viewpoint allows us to see the value of what a brand already has.



Brand essence is more than your brand’s personality. It’s the DNA of your brand, and it doesn’t change over time. The more distinctive, desirable, and relevant your brand is will determine how quickly you build consumer loyalty.

Vaue Proposition

Vaue Proposition

What problem does your brand solve? Does your brand offer anything no other brand does? A strong value proposition will ensure your margins are maintained and improve your ability to attract and retain customers.

Brand Audit

Brand Audit

Developing the right image for your brand involves design, language imagery and bringing all of these together in a cohesive unique way.

What our clients think...


"While Bradley have been instrumental in developing our retail brand they have also assisted in helping us position our corporate brand, in both domestic and international markets. Above all else, they have a great understanding of the dynamics that exist within our business."

Caroline Keeling, CEO, Keelings


"The Applegreen brand transformed our business. Bradley were instrumental at the start in creating a brand that has provided the foundation for our successful business today."

Joe Barrett, COO, Applegreen

Skillnet Ireland

"In Bradley we found a consulting partner who understood our needs and the needs of our target audience. Their professional approach and integrity throughout the process allowed us to fundamentally reposition our brand."

Tracey Donnery, Executive Director, Skillnet Ireland