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What the client thinks

‘Developing the Keelings brand has given us confidence to invest and grow our business. The team at Bradley Brand have guided us along the brand journey and have become an integral part of our marketing and new product development team.’

David Keeling, CEO Keeling Retail

What we
have achieved

Keelings has become a household name in a relatively short period. While the Keelings family have been growing in North Dublin for generations, all of their fresh produce was sold under the retailer own-label brand. 10 years ago Keelings sought permission from retailers to sell some fresh produce under their own brand. And the rest is history!

Keelings is evidence that a brand can not only grow sales but grow a category too. Berry sales across Ireland have grown 136% in the past six years.

Today, Keelings is firmly established as Ireland’s main grower brand. Keelings are expanding out beyond berries to exotic fruits, top fruits and special occasion packages. Ket to Keeling’s strategy is identifying different ways to package strawberries and other berries during the year thereby using the package design to drive up impulse purchases on different occasions throughout the year.

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