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What we
have achieved

The Made Local campaign is guided by the idea that the opportunity exists for shoppers in Ireland to own and champion Ireland’s creative economy and support local businesses. Services we provided pro bono to DCCI included the full Made Local campaign idea, planning and execution, design and communications creative, media planning, audio scripts, and videography direction.

What the client thinks

Bradley Brand approached us with the idea for the "Made Local, you can own it" campaign having seen the potential to build upon our existing point of sale material. They strategically guided the design and communications delivery across all platforms to appeal to shoppers, retailers and makers and prompt the purchases of Irish design. Having Bradley Brand's retail, design and business brand expertise has enabled us to deliver our message consistently and to resonate across all the relevant brand touchpoints. Bradley Brand's ambition for supporting Irish businesses has been at the core of their offering and their support for the Made Local campaign has been invaluable.

Rosemary Steen, CEO, Design & Craft

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