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What we
have achieved

Following an extensive review with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, Bradley Brand recommended that each of the individual 65 Networks be asked to adopt one common brand identity, replacing the 65 individual network identities thereby creating brand unity amongst the Networks for the first time.

Key to realising this unification, was the preparation of detailed brand guidelines that not only assisted each network to rebrand but also guided them on how to market their network to their target audience creating a support system that had not been consistent before. Workshops were hosted with Networks to guide them through the rebranding process.

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What the client thinks

"Undertaking an extensive brand review can be a daunting exercise for any organisation. In Bradley Brand we found a consulting partner who was sensitive to our needs and the needs of our SME audience. Their professional approach and integrity throughout the process allowed us to fundamentally reposition our brand , so that we could better serve the needs of our stakeholders. Throughout the process, Bradley Brand were never phased by the scale or complexity of the task . Their ability to find concessions and generate creative design concepts has re-energised our organisation.”

Paul Healy, Chief Executive – Skillnet Ireland