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Adopting AI - Local Enterprise Week 2024
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3 Key Insights for Adopting AI in 2024

March 22nd, 2024

3 Key Insights for Adopting AI in 2024

We need to embrace adopting AI in digital marketing for fear of falling behind. Integrating AI tools into our marketing strategies has a significant potential to enhance the way we engage with our audience. We have three key insights to effectively harness AI tools for from “Executing a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy using AI Tools” hosted by Greg Fry and Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) as part of Local Enterprise Week 2024.


Treating AI as an Intern, Not a Boss


The concept of AI as a powerful tool in digital marketing is not new. However, it’s important to have the right mindset when using it. Greg introduced the idea of imagining AI as an intern, rather than a boss

Your ‘intern’ can manage tasks such as conducting fast research, creating social media calendars, and generating tailored content. This allows marketers to more focus on strategic decision-making and creative processes. However, this intern needs direction – clear, detailed instructions that align with your business goals and brand voice. 

You wouldn’t give your intern a job to do without teaching them about your company, giving them clear direction or setting out expectations, right? So, by setting specific tasks and prompts, AI can perform efficiently, but it’s the human input that guides its process, ensuring the output aligns with the brand’s essence and resonates with your audience.

An intern doesn’t, and shouldn’t be expected, to know it all! AI doesn’t either. Checking over AI’s work and making sure it’s brand loyal will allow you to get the most from AI, without creating generic marketing content. 



So What is a “Good Prompt”?


It’s time to get specific. 

Let’s take the example that you’re crafting a digital marketing campaign. Setting clear expectations by defining the role (a digital marketing expert), the task (creating a subject line for example), and the desired outcome (embodying brand’s value proposition) – you tailor ChatGPT’s output to fit your needs.

It could look something like this:

You are a Digital Marketing Expert for (insert company type here) and you are creating a social media post for an audience of (insert core target demographic here). The subject line should capture attention, encourage engagement and embody the brand values (insert core values here).

Adopting AI - Chat GPT Example

From here, we can start to adopt the work of AI to align with our brand tone of voice. This way you can ensure you build content that is relevant to your audience and aligns with your brand.



Remember your Audience – Content for People


While AI can significantly enhance efficiency and innovation in content creation, the irreplaceable element of strategic thinking and guidance from the person behind the campaign remains paramount. AI-generated content without insight and emotional intelligence is often flat, disengaging, and won’t benefit your campaign.  

It’s the marketer’s role to infuse content with brand authenticity, empathy, and creativity, elements that AI alone cannot replicate. Embracing AI as a tool for amplification rather than a substitute for our own work can give you an opportunity for efficiency whilst remaining authentic in your digital marketing efforts.



As we navigate the digital marketing landscape of 2024, the integration of AI into our strategies offers both challenges and opportunities. By treating AI as an intern, fully leveraging existing AI solutions like ChatGPT, being specific about our brand values and proposition when engineering our prompts, and holding onto human strategic thinking, brands can start adopting AI to achieve a balance between efficiency and authenticity. 

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Insights thanks to Local Enterprise Offices and Greg Fry