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The Brains Behind BKultured – Niamh Hegarty

December 16th, 2022

After the Lion’s Den 2022 event, we caught up with another finalist Niamh Hegarty of BKultured. Niamh had just pitched her business on the Main Stage at the Food, Retail & Hospitality Expo for the chance to win a €10,000 Digital Marketing Package with us at Bradley: The Brand Agency. 

Andrew and Niamh discuss her motivations behind getting into the food and beverage industry, her education over the years, and her advice for budding businesses starting out.



Niamh showcased Bkultured and the brand offering on stage in front of our four elected judges. We chatted with her about how her educational background has impacted her business journey. Niamh encourages other budding businesses to pay attention to industry leaders, but also to those in your field.


BKultured water kefir was first made by Niamh just three years ago. It started out just for herself and family, experimenting with flavours throughout the seasons. Niamh began selling it through her food trailer; Niamh’s Larder. As the production grew so did the business. 


BKultutred water kefir is a light, delicious and refreshing fermented drink. Fermented drinks such as water kefir can help cultivate a healthy microbiome, which then plays a key role in digesting food and regulating immune systems. 


BKultured won a Silver Award at Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Awards in 2022 for their water kefir drinks. Currently available in two flavours: Ginger & Turmeric and Mixed Berry, BKultured is available for purchase in selected stores across the Republic of Ireland and also directly from the e-commerce website. 


We’re excited to see what will come down the line for Niamh and her team. Watch this space!


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