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Bowfield Farm – Reap What They Sow

January 26th, 2023

Reap What They Sow

We caught up with Ciara, Co-Founder of Bowfield Farm at the Food, Retail & Hospitality Expo in December 2022 to find out how everything’s been going since their recent launch. 



“We launched at the Savour Kilkenny food festival in October 2022 and were very excited about our new brand making its debut.” 


Bowfield Farm is a new Microgreens supplier to the Irish market, based on a family farm in Tipperary. Their foundations of care and respect for animal and plant life are at the core of what they do. Bowfield Farm works to supply an environmentally friendly and sustainable supply of highly nutritious greens. They grow in hydroponic, vertical farming modules. Bowfield Farm are demonstrating a stride in the direction of sustainable agriculture with the latest tech and agri-innovations.


Ciara and Andrew talk about what she describes as a “steep learning curve”. That is, their journey with brand so far. Also, how important it is in getting your message and your story across.


We will be keeping a close eye on them as they grow, you can too at


This week on Ear to the Ground, you can see Bowfield Farm in action. Tune in on RTE Player for more about the future of vertical and ethical farming.


You can follow Bowfield Farm’s journey on Instagram and keep up with where you can find them exhibiting next or their list of stockists.


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