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3 Tips for Brands to Showcase Their Sustainable Efforts

April 27th, 2023

Measuring Up to Conscious Consumers

68% of consumers consider themselves to be a ‘conscious consumer’

Our recent national online survey on sustainability (February 2023) gives us this statistic and insight.
So, if you want to appeal to conscious consumers, it’s crucial to make your brand’s sustainability authentic and measurable.
Here’s some tips on how:

  • Don’t hide – Be transparent about your sustainability efforts and share them with your customers.
    Use your marketing channels to communicate your initiatives, your progress and even the challenges you encounter.
  • Keep it real – Set measurable sustainability goals that align with your brand values. Track your progress towards achieving them. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate this to your customers, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.
  • Band TogetherCollaborate with like-minded partners who share your sustainability goals.
    You’re not alone in this. Working together can help amplify your impact and bring new ideas to the table.


  • Get Certified – Consider third-party certifications, such as Fairtrade, B Corp or Climate Ready Academy to show you mean business when it comes to sustainability, and gain credibility with consumers.

By making sustainability authentic to your brand and measurable for impact, you can build trust with the conscious consumers in your audience. All whilst creating a positive impact on the environment and society. Win, win!

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