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Dating 101: How to Stand Out Online

November 22nd, 2019

Dating 101

Promoting your business online can be very similar to dating. How might you ask? Well, it’s quite simple really. Some businesses may be shy and need a push while others are complete players and understand how to manipulate the system. These dating experts know who to connect with and how to measure their success whilst staying on brand. Think you too could become a player online with the right set of skills? Don’t worry, take a seat and welcome to Dating 101.


Dress to Impress
First impressions are key. Of course, it’s what is on the inside that counts, but without this initial attraction how will you entice your target audience and customers? Whether it is your website, social media accounts or your blog, dress it up. Make it look neat and attractive, something viewers want to scroll through. Make certain your content is straightforward and easy to navigate through too. Nobody likes a Sloppy Sally!


Go Clubbing
Did you think we meant a nightclub? Of course not. Try joining clubs and online communities to meet businesses and people just like you ready and willing to engage with each other. Every business has communities online you can get involved in. Remember, these clubs or communities are not a platform for advertising. They are a chance to interact, I mean it is ‘social’ media after all.
Of course, you could promote your website or content, but try to do it passively as either a recommendation or a link at the end of a comment.


 Mobile Friend-Zone
Most online traffic comes from mobile users and due to this, Google is giving a higher priority to sites that have mobile optimised pages. Especially if you are managing an e-commerce site, having a mobile-friendly website will make it easier for costumers to pay and complete a sale, making a huge increase in sales and web traffic.

This is one friend-zone you want to be in.


Notice Me!
The top way to be noticed online that triumphs all methods is definitely SEO. There are a lot of different methods to be noticed but using SEO will help you gain higher visibility and exposure. It allows you to target your audience directly and make it easier to convert your viewers to consumers. Paid advertising will only take you so far, but mastering the art of SEO will bring you much further.


Be Yourself
As Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’. In order to stand out online, you must produce original content. Your content is an extension of your brand, so remember to use it wisely to show people what you do and what makes you distinct as a business. It is so easy to get caught up in trends and crazes but remember to stay on brand. Be consistent with your content and don’t confuse people.


Link Up
Don’t be shy to link up, lots of social media accounts do it. Make sure to only follow relevant accounts. Anything irrelevant will only cause clutter on your newsfeed. Following too many personal accounts with no relation to the business is going to make the account look unprofessional. Following suitable accounts will expose you to more engagements, possible clients and brand new ideas to base content around. Remember more links equal to more traffic.


Playing the Field
It is always a good idea to get active with other social media accounts but be sure not to spread yourself too thin. Once you feel confident on one platform then move onto another. There is no point in having 5 mediocre accounts when you can build up 3 strong successful accounts. Invest more time into the ones you feel people are interacting with more but don’t neglect your other sites.


Relationship Material
It’s important to start a relationship with your audience by creating good quality material. Creating a blog with beneficial or interesting content will create brand loyalty between your audience and your business. If you continue to write good quality content you will progressively attract leads. Don’t just write about what you think your audience wants to read. Write about their struggles, what they find difficult and try to give them some form of guidance. Not only does blogging build relationships with your target audience, but it also drives traffic and engagements.


I may not be what you want, but I am what you need
Most people get caught up in the creativity of online business management. From blog writing to managing the social media accounts Key Performance Indicators seem to be forgotten. To reach strategic and operational goals all successful businesses must follow KPI’s. KPI’s are easier to monitor online rather than in-store. Social media metrics, monthly, quarterly and annual sales and keyword performance metrics (SEO) are some of the few to follow online, but don’t forget, KPI’s vary from company to company. Try to find the one that suits you.


Plan a Date
Don’t just jump right in and try to find out what’s trending then waste your day planning content. Be strategic and plan your content around events and important dates. Find out how you may be able to exploit these dates and develop blog posts, and social media posts around them. If there are blanks in the calendar it gives you plenty of time to think of content to produce on that day. A well-kept content calendar keeps you focused on your goals and KPI’s and also minimises your efforts.


Use Protection!
Lastly, keep important information safe and make sure your website is secure and protected. An SSL certificate is becoming the norm for most sites. When securing websites this protects credit card details and account logins. It changes the HTTP in the URL to HTTPs, the ’s’ meaning secure. Once a padlock icon is visible within the browser it means the webpage is secure. Having an SSL certificate improves your google rankings too.


You have now completed Bradley’s Dating 101. Seems to me like you are more than prepared to set out into the online world and show off your moves. Promoting your business can take time but with the right amount of patience and our skills provided, you’ll be sure to become a master in no time.