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Merchandising Tips That Increase Sales

November 19th, 2019

Your window display has the potential to attract customers into the store and research shows that good displays can increase brand sales in excess of 540%.

If you need some creative help and strategies for developing an effective display, follow these 3 best practices to creating great visual merchandising.


1. Clean & Simple Displays

This may seem obvious, but simplicity is often overlooked. The most common mistake is trying to show too much in the same display so try to avoid overcrowding and take time to make sure items are clearly visible and attractively displayed.



2. Odd Numbers

An odd number of elements in your display is always more attractive to the eye than an even number. Odd numbers provide a slightly off-balance look and keeps the eye moving around to look at each frame. A perfectly balanced arrangement stops the eye from wondering and looks dull.



3. Find Some Inspiration

Thanks to the Internet you no longer have to wait for inspiration when thinking up your next merchandising display. There are a number of invaluable resources available online. Usually, you don’t have to go much further than Pinterest.


When designing your next display, keep these merchandising tips in mind and see for yourself how to increase sales through the way you display your products while also creating a more engaging experience for your customers.