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Nibbed Cacao – A Brand Born from Adversity

December 15th, 2022

After the Lion’s Den 2022 event, we caught up with finalists Lisa and Anna from Nibbed Cacao. Hot off the press, they had just pitched their business on stage for the chance to win a €10,000 Digital Marketing Package with us at Bradley: The Brand Agency. 


Although not winners, Nibbed Cacao showcased their brand and their offering on stage in front of our four elected judges. We chat with Lisa about her reflections after the event, how their brand came about and their plans going forward.



Nibbed was created in Wicklow by Lisa Kleiner and Anna O’Sullivan during the Lockdown in 2021. The business was formed as a result of job loss and an unshakable belief in the nutritional and health benefits of cacao. Nibbed Cacao – a brand born from adversity. 


Their most popular and cult following product is the pure cacao block. Cacao is billed a great alternative to coffee because it has a natural stimulant called Theobromine, similar to caffeine. However, whilst caffeine affects the nervous system, Theobromine affects the cardiovascular system. Cacao gives you that lift, without the jitters! 


You can find them all over Ireland. They sell to over 90 Irish independent retailers in Ireland, including Evergreen, Nourish, Organico and The Hopsack and also direct via


We’ll be keenly watching how they progress into the future.


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