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The Road to Boosting Your Online Performance While Working at Home.

April 16th, 2020

The Road to Boosting Your Online Performance While Working at Home.

It is a tough road for any small business to work remotely for an uncertain amount of time, especially if it’s your first time. You may find yourself scratching your head, searching for things to do, if so this could be the perfect opportunity to map out your business’s online presence and performance.


Bradley is here to help you improve your online performance and work more efficiently at home, by applying these simple tips. It’s time to stop that mindless scrolling online and boost your business performance by making it stand out online, all from the comfort of your home.


1. Analyse for improvement – Green lights and red lights
We’re not going to lie, your website is going to need constant attention, analysis, and continuous improvement. There are no shortcuts or magic formula – trust us if there was, we would have nailed it by now, you just have to be persistent and consistent. The old adage of ‘trial and error’ has a big factor to play; what worked last week may not work today so it’s crucial you keep your message relevant. Some of the best tools to get you started are Google Analytics, SE Ranking and SEOmoz Tools.


2. Communities – Get fuel from online communities.
When it comes to online communities people often think of teenage fandoms with little or no reference to a business at all – wrong. When it comes to the growth of a business, online communities go above and beyond, sharing tips and ideas in your field of interest. Becoming a member of an online community or creating your own group is a great way to share your offer and provide customer service, connect with potential customers and build a solid reputation. Don’t be shy, it is called ‘social’ media after all.


3. Email Marketing – Start sending!
If someone takes the time to fill in their email address let’s face it, they’re probably interested. Email marketing is a great way to detect the level of interest in your company. The more sign-ups, the more interest, simple! As well as growing your audience it’s a great way to generate leads and monitor conversions. No, you do not have to send a newsletter each week; try starting off fortnightly or even monthly to let your subscribers know your company is still alive and kicking and hasn’t vanished off the face of the earth.


4. SEO – Road work ahead
If you haven’t already, it’s time to put in the work and conquer the ubiquitous Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Don’t worry it’s not as complicated as it sounds. By using specific keywords and phrases, SEO has the power to direct people to your site via search engines. If you’re still finding it a tad daunting try reading our blog Demystifying SEO. With a bit of effort, you’ll notice yourself changing from novice to professional quicker than you imagined.


5. Content Marketing –Take the right turn for your business
Are we there yet? Not quite. Creating original content can give your business an authentic feel. After all, who knows your company better than yourself? Blogging is a perfect way to show personality and information in a style that will distinguish you from your competitors. It’s an opportunity for you to be innovative and will also keep current customers engaged, help boost online traffic and grow interested in your services or products. If you’re a business that’s actively blogging and producing original content, this is a great way to stand out online!


6. Generate a social media presence – Drive more engagement
If your business does not have social media in this day and age you definitely should get started….ASAP! After searching your business on Google, the next thing your audience will do is search your business on social media. You don’t want to appear dormant or worse still, ‘shady’ with no active accounts. Try choosing the right platform on social media to suit your business style online. After creating your social media accounts you’ll need to plan a content calendar with heaps of posts designed around specific holidays. Trust us, stressing on the day of a big holiday with nothing planned is a wasted opportunity. Keep on track with your content calendar and post frequently.

From experience, we know that during lockdown your mobile phone becomes glued to your hand, as the primary source of contact, news, and entertainment. Make sure throughout all the mindless scrolling during lockdown your business gets discovered. Now is the time to stand out online!


7. Google My Business account – Earn your pedal of honour
One thing to be sure to have while working at home and providing a sense of legitimacy for your company is a Google My Business account. This makes it quick and easy for customers to find any changes in information online especially during these unusual times when up to date information is needed the most. As a business working from home your previous points of contact have most probably disappeared – poof, gone! It’s important to let your clients and customers know that you’re still there, willing, able, and ready to help by providing them with the essential information they’ll need to contact you.


You Have Reached Your Destination!
By following Bradley’s road to success, it’s only a motor of time before you see an improvement in your business’s online performance. It may take time, but if you continue to pedal to the medal and spend an allocated amount of time on your online presence you will most definitely see a boost in your business’s online performance.