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Bringing a loved
American product to
the Irish market

The Challenge

Start up brands are always moving and iterating, and we’ve been across GoodBrew’s journey from inception and creation to refresh and renew for GoodBrew 2.0. GoodBrew further developed their product by bringing added health benefits to their convenience drink.

With a change in product, and a change in packaging, Bradley’s challenge was to help GoodBrew to remain relevant and appealing to their target audience, whilst adapting to the new cans, and incorporating new key benefit messaging.

Good Brew
Good Brew

We started with our
Strategic Approach

Our Process

Knowing their previous packaging well, we applied a rigorous visual audit on competitor packaging in the US and others in a similar space here in the Irish marketplace. Our findings drove the design direction with an understanding of what customers want and need.

yoplaitIdentify equity to retain
yoplaitDefine the flavours
yoplaitCreate differentiation
yoplaitCraft the messaging
yoplaitDesign the packaging
Good Brew

Making the equity work
and giving it new life...

A strong brand identity is essential in conveying a brand’s personality, story, and values to consumers. The GoodBrew blue has become the hallmark of the brand, and remains in the brand identity today. This ultimately builds trust and fosters brand loyalty, continuing to resonate with consumers.

Good Brew
Good Brew

Defining the product flavours
and injecting colour

Part of our brief was to bring shelf stand out for every flavour, not just the brand. We crafted colours to work in tandem with the brand, whilst clearly differentiating them by product flavour. A brand’s visual identity provokes thoughts and feelings about the product, directly impacting the consumer’s decision.

Good Brew

Creating prominence on shelf
bringing promise to the brand

Sitting in the fridge next to other health food, wellness drinks and natural energy drinks alike, GoodBrew now stakes its place on shelf. Setting it apart from the others, the new brand identity and packaging design brings the good mood essence of the brand to life.

Good Brew

Messaging around added benefits
and flavour cues

With a new and improved recipe, the newly added ingredients and health benefits deserved adequate call out on pack. Spotlighting these key taste, flavour and health benefits, now the consumer decision is better informed.

Good Brew

Designing the packaging
to bring new life to the brand

GoodBrew’s got a brand new pack...

yoplaitHierarchy: Logo is the Hero
yoplaitPackaging: New pack, now shelf stable
yoplaitDifferentiation: 3 x Defined Flavours
yoplaitLanguage: Flavour & Health Cues
yoplaitFootprint: Colour presence on shelf
Good Brew