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This is how we gave
life to a loved brand!

The Challenge

In an overcrowded dairy section, it’s easy to become lost. Losing customers to competition is inevitable, what matters is how a brand reacts. Changing customer preferences mean that Yoplait yoghurt needed to ensure its packaging remains appealing and relevant to the target audience.

Yoplait Ireland engaged with us to redesign their three main ranges to accurately represent their brand’s mission and value - bringing colour and fun to their brand experience.


We started with our
Strategic Approach

Our Process

After our stringent visual audit on their packaging, our findings drove the design direction, knowing what customers wanted and needed.

yoplaitIdentify equity to retain
yoplaitDefine the ranges
yoplaitCreate differentiation
yoplaitCraft the language
yoplaitDesign the packaging

Retaining the equity
and making it better...

The Yoplait ‘Y’

A strong brand identity is essential in conveying a brand’s personality, story, and values to consumers, ultimately building trust and fostering brand loyalty. This drove our design process to ensure that the new packaging would resonate with consumers.


Defining the ranges
simply & successfully

Harnessing colour with
the Yoplait ‘Wave’

Part of our brief was to inject new life and vigor into a static brand. We developed the “Wave” device that anchors the top of pack, whilst also creating a colourful repeat pattern that builds strong shelf impact when seen across the three sku’s on shelf. This visual representation of the brand triggers thoughts and feelings about the product which in turn can directly impact the purchasing decision.


Creating differentiation
is the name of the game

Creating the range logotype

To support the well known brand identity - we developed “own-able” crafted font Product Descriptors that help set the packaging apart from other brands but also portrays what the brand is about - fun and life!


Crafting language
with a flavour focus

Highlighting the USP of
the product - the taste!

Our strategic approach delivered lots of key benefit messages for the brand - we harnessed these and ensured they had proper real estate on each pack.


Design the packaging
to give life to a loved brand

Yoplait’s got a brand new pack...

yoplaitHierarchy: Logo is the Hero
yoplaitDifferentiation: 3 x Defined Ranges
yoplaitLanguage: Taste & Flavour Cues
yoplaitFootprint: Colour blocking on shelf